An amazing experience to learn Yoga online – A Journey of an MNC Employee

Hello everyone. My name is Roshni and I’m a software employee in Bangalore. We all know about 9am to 5pm jobs. The stress, pressure and sometimes we should do overtime. We rush to the office in the early hours and get back home late. We find no time during weekdays. I get very tired by the time I finish my work in the office. The story of every software employee is the same. The weekends are the only free time we get. In that time we also have to do our household chores, spend time with the family. In that weekend time only we have to attend parties, team lunches, etc. so we get very little time for ourselves. 

Here is a small story of mine. Recently, I have attended my cousin’s wedding. Though I’m active throughout the marriage, my body didn’t cooperate. I was tired very often and used to get aches, pains all over my body. After returning from the marriage, I have consulted a few doctors. All of them prescribed some medicines and few doctors suggested that I do exercises regularly. Though, I used medicines that didn’t work. And also I used to get very little time to do exercises. I was worried because my body isn’t flexible and I used to get tired easily. 

Then one of my colleagues suggested that I start practicing yoga. She also faced health problems. The reason is we work all day just by sitting in our cabins. Even I observed a lot of changes in my colleague. She is very active all day long in the office. So then I decided to start yoga. I have gone through several videos for doing yoga. Then I thought of having a personal trainer. But I can’t manage to go to a yoga class. So I was searching for a yoga tutor online. I have gone through several websites but the price charging for their services was too high. 

Just then my sister suggested to me a website. That is! As she told me, I have gone through the website and connected me to a yoga tutor. I have started online yoga classes. Then the changes in me after consistent practice are unbelievable. I’m very thankful to the yoga professional that I got through

I observed many changes as I improved the flexibility and posture of my body. Yoga helped me in boosting immunity, improved blood flow, and improved my breathing. Along with the above changes, the quality of my life improved. Yoga brings happiness into our lives. I started waking up early in the morning and I’m very active all day long. 

My yoga tutor personally trained me consistently. She clarified my doubts with ease. She also taught me “Asanas” in a simple manner with easy tricks and tips. She is also very friendly and I’m grateful for her. 

The reason for my healthy and happy living is I’m very thankful to MyLA for providing the best “Yoga Tutor Online”. Now I am able to teach my family also. This is all because of

Thank you!

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