Got our home monsoon-ready with MyLA’s unique waterproofing solutions

We were planning on getting our roof waterproofed for a really long time but there was always something that made it impossible for us to do so. But one day we thought of contacting one of my relatives who was working with the waterproofing company. We did not get a chance to get this done before so we didn’t have any other contact and we thought because he’s our relative it would be better to give him the charge.

The work started and ended but we were so unsatisfied that we thought of asking them to do it all over again but we thought it would not be sensible because they will bring the same workers again and it would make our rooftop even worse.

We had to do something about the damage and this time we thought of finding someone who is experienced so I went scrolling on the internet for the best waterproofing services around me and then I came across this company named which is a services supermarket. I called them asking about how they go with it and to check if they are genuine. I was satisfied by the details they gave and the one thing they assured me was that the service providers were all handpicked and skilled in this field and also holding experience for a decent amount of time.

They happened to carry all their equipment and worked in the formal hours. I briefed them about what all happened before and the prices for the service were already displayed on the landing page which made it easy for me to make a choice.

The assurance was right, work took half a week which they had mentioned before and they did an amazing job. They not only repaired our roof but their waterproofing was also smooth and their techniques were modern. The chemicals used didn’t harm our roof and did not leave any imprints but the work that they did was visible and satisfactory.

The service providers also took care of not creating a mess and followed safety measures according to the need of the hour. They called for all the raw material at once and didn’t cost any hidden charge. They charged the lowest price for waterproofing. The customer support team of the organization was in touch all this while. Professionalism was commendable.

Looking at the work at our rooftop two of our neighbors also booked it for themselves and I would suggest you should also go for waterproofing services from, believe me, you won’t regret.


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