Ac repair service

Got the AC Repair job done right for the first time – An experience by a Startup

Hi, I’m Vijay. Recently I have started my own company and my own brand in making cloth and jute bags. We are a group of 10 people who started this startup. We collectively work together and every one of us shares a responsibility. One of us is an expert in digital marketing, one of us is an expert in designing, advertising, and website making, etc. Being a start-up every day is important for us. We work very hard for our own company. We took a small flat for rent as an office, where we use one room with AC as our office and the others for keeping our stock and packing. Everyday minimum of 7 to 8  laptops will be working all day. So the AC should be running continuously. 

When everything is good, suddenly we found an issue with  AC. We usually open our office at 10 and work till 7 in the evening. At the same time, we switch on the AC as soon as we open our office. So suddenly we observed that it is 12 in the noon and the room is not yet cool. Every day we get freeze by this time but this time even the room isn’t cool. We didn’t understand what the issue was with the AC. Then we searched for AC repair services near us. But we couldn’t find it. Without AC, the room became hot because of the hot air released from all our laptops. The whole day got wasted. The next day, we found a service person from one of our friends. We immediately called the person and he came in the evening. He repaired the AC within a couple of minutes and we were shocked. Then I asked the person what was the issue with the AC. He simply said that there are little dust particles in the AC and he also added that no more issues will be raised. So we believed that and we all went home. 

So everyone is back to work as usual. Again after 1 day, we found the same issue. We were literally like ‘Oh god! We already wasted two days because of this AC repair and we are facing the same problem again.’ so this time we decided not to waste our time and we have arranged two coolers, meanwhile we find some best service person. But those are not enough. We can only manage with those two coolers for only some time but not more days. So I have decided to choose an online service this time. While I was searching, I went through a website called I observed that various services are being provided by them. So I booked a person for AC repair. As it was already 8 in the night by the time I booked, the person came to our office the next day in the 1st hour.

Ac repair service

Within 3 to 4 hours, he finished the work and he seemed to look like a professional. He spoke to me very gently and in a professional manner. Without asking, he only told me the issues raised with the AC. One is that condenser coils are dirty and the other is the AC gas problem. He cleaned the coils and fixed the gas leakage issue. But still, we were worried that it shouldn’t happen like the last time. We are back to work and the days have passed. We found no issue and the AC is in very good condition now. We really appreciate the AC professional which provided. We are really happy. We are thankful to for providing services by professionals and at the right time.

Checkout MyLA’s AC Repair and Service Price List in India:

Split AC Service and RepairPriceWindow AC Service and RepairPrice
Split AC ServicingRs555Window AC Stabilizer FittingRs299
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.0 TonRs1,999Window AC DRY ServicingRs444
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.5 TonRs2,299Window AC WET ServicingRs499
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.0 TonRs2,449AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.0 TonRs1,599
AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.5 TonRs2,899AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 1.5 TonRs1,899
Split AC Fixing | InstallationRs1,449AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.0 TonRs2,099
Split AC Un-InstallationRs599AC Gas Filling | Capacity Upto – 2.5 TonRs2,299
Split AC Stabilizer FittingRs299Window AC Fixing | InstallationRs599
New Socket Fixing for Split ACRs299Window AC Un InstallationRs299
Pipe Fittings | Wiring | Upon Inspection | Visiting Charges ApplicableRs129New Socket Fixing for Split ACRs299
Pipe Fittings | Wiring | Upon Inspection | Visiting Charges ApplicableRs129

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