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Prachi says “Happy for choosing MyLA’s Mehendi Artists for Wedding Ceremony”

That day, Oh my god! She said that “we cannot afford to disappoint any relative today”. We planned my sister’s wedding, in the covid times. We thought that there is no point in waiting any longer because there is no guarantee about the situation getting better. We already knew that only close relatives would be invited and we have to make the best out of it. My sister personally rechecked everything to make sure nothing goes wrong.

We started with the functions beginning with haldi, sangeet, and Mehendi being on the same day. Then came the unexpected moment where we forgot to invite extra Mehendi artists who would do Mehendi for the female relatives. My sister suddenly got stressed and I could not think of anything at that time. I went through a guilt trip where I was in a mood to give an excuse but then I thought it was not the right time and I should get going to find a professional Mehendi artist as soon as possible.

At first, we asked the artist who had come specifically for my sister if she had some more artists available but she denied then we knew we didn’t have much time to wander around the city in search of Mehendi artists, so I immediately started scrolling on the internet and then found We were glad that the services were available and they had smooth service execution that took hardly 5minutes to book the Mehendi artist online and then I talked to the service provider she became our savior for real!

Then without any further due, we started the function. She started with her work as soon as she came. She had all the equipments with her and asked before applying if anyone had any skin allergy from the products used by her. Everything ended up so well. She not only arrived early but did her work in such a professional manner. The Mehendi designs and speed were so impressive also the professional approach to the work were commendable. I paid them through online modes and I received a record of that as proof of payment and I liked that they do not accept cash payments which are sometimes confusing. I was so busy in the preparations that I didn’t realize that I did not have to remind them twice about the execution of the service because the artist was there at the right time.

Honestly, I never thought that the need of calling for online Mehendi services would arrive in the middle of the wedding. We were not prepared for this but this turned out to be such a good decision. My sister was on the ninth cloud because no relative went disappointed and I got the chance to be the best brother! Jokes apart! You must try for online services and make your life happier. 

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