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Reshma Says, “Cooking with kids creates meaningful and teachable moments”.

I’m a software employee in an MNC and I have two children. Due to this pandemic, our home routine is as usual as others. Starting our day with laptops, mobile phones, and computers. I’m busy with work from home and my children are fed up with these restless online classes.

On a fine Sunday, my children demanded to prepare a cake. So I have started the process, by watching a youtube channel. My son helped me with watching youtube and understanding the process, meanwhile, my daughter helped me out with ingredients. I wondered how interested they are in making a cake. They are very active and excited throughout the process. And finally, the cake turned out beautiful to look and yummy to taste. My children are very happy. 

The next day, i.e, Monday my children came up to me with an idea. I was surprised that their idea is to learn cooking and baking. I asked what’s the reason. Their answer is simple. “Mom, we are tired with these classes every day. As a break, we are very much interested to learn cooking. We want to learn cooking recipes and baking processes.”  I was pleased as they asked very excited and enthusiastic.

Then I gave my mobile to my children and told them to watch their favorite youtube channel and learn. And they are like mom no we don’t want to learn like this, we want special coaching. Then I thought anyhow pandemic and lockdown is going on everywhere. It’s better to book an online tutor for my children. Then I came across the website i.e. There I saw various online tutors. I have visited their website and looked for cooking tutors. I just booked one of their tutors and the price is also very reasonable.

So the minute I booked my children are very happy and excited to learn cooking and baking. Every day after online classes, my children are learning cooking and baking from What’s special about and its tutors is they provide service personally so that my children can learn every point, easy tips, and hacks. My children’s response is very positive. They told me, “mom, though we learn through any youtube video or anything else we can’t clarify our doubts and no one can explain like our cooking tutor. She explains everything in detail and is very simple. We are loving it, mom.”  

Finally, I am very happy for my children. As they will be very tired from their classes and works, it’s like fun-based activity and also helps improve cooking skills. They started preparing their own recipes without my help and they really turn out very good and yummy. They are preparing yummy snacks, cakes, and deliciously simple recipes on Sundays. Our family is totally enjoying our weekends.

I should definitely thank for this wonderful change in my children. My family calls my children little chefs and the credit belongs to for turning my children into little chefs.

Thank you!!

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