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The Best Men’s Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

When getting a fresh haircut, it is important to consider your face shape and choose the correct hairstyle that will suit you. It is fairly simple to choose the funkiest or a trendy new haircut; however, if it does complement your face type, you will not get the desired result. 

Hence, instead of opting for the trendiest cut, It is wise to pick a hairstyle that works with your face type & shape. 

It Doesn’t matter whether your face shape is a square, oval, circle, rectangle, diamond, or triangle; the right haircut will highlight your most prominent features and complement your overall appearance. Interested? 

Let us check out the best men’s hairstyle suited for different face types.

Oval Face Shape Hairstyle

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is a longer version of a round face, and the most defining feature of an oval face shape will be its lack of sharpness on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. An oval face is fairly longitudinal in shape with softer edges on all sides. The forehead a little wider than the jaw, and the head is curved without any sharp edges/corners. 

Best Hairstyle: Those with an oval face shape are lucky as pretty much any hairstyle under the sun complements it. Hairstyles that are shorter from the sides & longer from the top are a good fit for men with an oval face type. These kinds of hairstyles will help balance the overall appearance accentuate your shape. Also, those with oval face shapes can experiment with crewcuts.

Square Face Shape

The most defining feature of a square face type is a strong and prominent jawline. Men with square-shaped faces can be fairly experimental when it comes to hairstyles.. 

Best Hairstyle: Cuts that give texture on top like quiffs or French crops will be a great choice. A pompadour with close sides can give some height too. A hairstyle with a side part while being tight on sides would work wonders. Any Hairstyle that takes adds volume on the top while being tapered from the sides would work well with the men having square faces.

Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape men have wider cheekbones but narrow brow and jaw lines. Hence, to make a face more oval looking, it is better to choose a hairstyle that adds a little width to the sides of your head. A man with a diamond face shape has a narrow and pointy forehead.  

Best Hairstyle: For those with a diamond face, it is wise to go for a haircut that is not very short from the sides, As this would make the head look narrower. Hence a hairstyle that adds a little more volume to the sides of your head, like the textured crop or fringe cut, would be best suited.

Round Face Shape Hairstyle

Round Face Shape

Soft lines & edges with wider cheeks will work in motion to give a babyish look. The round face type is not on most men’s wishlists when it comes to visual traits. However, when it comes to hairstyles, some hairstyles complement the round face extremely well. 

Best Hairstyle: A hairstyle that ads some volume on the top work brilliantly. This helps to give an elongated appearance to your face. it is great to opt for hairstyles like the quiff or the pompadour that gives volume to the head’s top. 

Oblong Face Shape

Men with the oblong face type have a long face. The chin may or may not be tapered or pointy. However, the cheek lines or the sides of those with this face type are fairly straight. People with this face type must go for 

Best Hairstyle: Those with the oblong face type should opt for hairstyles that do not further elongate the face. Hairstyles with a natural fall suit this face type well. Some recommended hairstyles for men with the oblong face shape include side parting, buzz cut, or swept back cut.

Heart Shape Face Mens Hairstyle

Heart Face Shape

The most defining feature of this face shape is that men with this type of face shape have a broad forehead that tapers down to the chin with round cheekbones. Those with this face type need to opt for a hairstyle that complements the narrow chin. 

Best Hairstyle: Hairstyles with a textured fringe or a quiff work well with men with the heart face shape. Remember that any hairstyle that makes the chin look narrower is a complete no-no. 

Now that you know much about your head shape and the kind of hairstyles that suit it, it is time for you to book a salon appointment online to try out a trendy haircut that matches your face. 

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