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Turned My Dream Office into a Reality – The story of a travel consultancy

Are you thinking about designing your dream office? Having a dream house is a common thought for all of us. But I have dreamed of having a customized office since my college days. Yes, it sounds weird or something new but it’s true. And I made that dream come true.

 I’m Varna. I have completed MBA and my dream is to start my travel consultancy on my own. As I have decided to start it, I have turned my dream into a goal. The day I opened my new office near my home even my dad started helping me until I arrange some staff. Though I wanted to open my dream office, I had to open my office in a single room. Starting from the day I opened I had to manage all the works. Slowly the staff got arranged and it’s been five years since I started my travel consultancy.

And I decided to shift my office as it is congested and the customer count has been increasing. So I felt this is the right time to start construct my dream office. Apart from my savings, I took a loan from the bank. Construction is not an easy task. Instead of a normal house contractor, I decided to contact a professional architect. The reason to choose an architect is I felt he can understand my design and suggest to me some better ideas. Even my dad agreed to my decision and supported me. So along with the office work, I have to search for the best architect. Most of my time is dedicated to the office and I find no time to go out and search for an architect. Here comes my very supportive dad. He suggested me search for online architects as nowadays architects are providing their service online also. I felt this is the best idea as I can search for an online contractor in my office also. I can do it along with my work.

While finding an architect I faced many obstacles. In some companies the service is limited, some charged high prices too, and many more. Even my dad sat along with me started searching. Then suddenly one day morning, one of my staff suggested me a website. That is So I went through the website. I found a wide range of services being offered by them. I searched for an architect. I booked an architect near me. I have contacted him and he met me the next day in my office. I told him that my office should be not like a regular one. No one should feel like that it is an office. So he suggested me some ideas and showed me some designs. I was stunned by his designs. Those are awesome. Also the packages for their services were very reasonable. According to the area we have and calculating all other factors, we selected a wonderful design for my office building. The construction has started. As the days are passing on, I became more anxious and excited about the output. And finally, the day has come, all the construction is completed and my office is ready for further interior works.

My office and its design are marvelous. To look from outside it is not at all like an office. And inside the rooms, each and every part of my office is beautiful. My dad and my staff fell in love with the design. They told me that we don’t get any office feel here; it’s like all our own home. This compliment made me feel like my dream office came true. I personally thank the architect which provided me. And finally, I thank for providing me such an expert and making my dream come true.

Thank you!!

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