Yashwant says: “Getting a professional tutor online is not a task anymore”

 I am Yashwant Sharma based in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). I have two kids, a 7 y/o son, and a 13 y/o daughter. Sometimes looking at my younger one, I think that regularity in studies should be a must! Covid spared my children from their home tutor because in these hard times we are supposed to stay at home and I did not want to take a chance of calling anyone home for tuitions, following the covid guidelines and because we were all trapped by the virus. I suffered a big loss in business and I was unable to invest a lot in this.

But they were so relieved then that they had forgotten that studying was a thing long back and they used to do it regularly. They had adopted their chill routine but as a father of my two, I was not able to see them in such big relief which would harm their future in the long run. Once a child stops studying there is no way back! I tried contacting their previous tutor, but she could not make up for it.

I did not try bothering anyone because that would have wasted more time. I immediately started scrolling on Facebook searching for the best online tutors and came across an online services supermarket named Myla.in! I visited their website, contacted them to get a brief about how they go about it. They were offering a lot of different services but I went for Online teaching services. They had online grade and subject-wise tutors and surprisingly, the curious matter rates were also mentioned. I thought even if I would have called for a new tutor he/she would have been a stranger too. Then why not take a chance and go for their services. It’s been two months now, the tutor is an experienced one and there is no difficulty in understanding online. My little one has backed up his study vibes.

I always had a stereotype that I cannot depend on online services, but now I am going to suggest to you all and my fellow mates “try out Myla.in and get a stress-free experience for your children so that the learning doesn’t stop”. I am proud of my decision and I am impressed by how there was the assurance of impossibility of false identity because all the customers were KYC-registered. It’s been a ride so far! I have explored their other services also like home repair services, cleaning and sanitization and IT enabled services and they have been able to satisfy me. Huge thanks to Myla.in for making it easy for me to take responsibility for various services.

Thank You!

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