Cleaning and Sanitization services

Got professional sanitization services in a very short duration through – A Story of Sachin

Cleaning and Sanitization services

I was in such haste that morning, I flew alone from Mumbai to Indore because my mother and father got admitted to the hospital. They were found covid positive and their condition was very serious.

Due to the covid protocols and my safety, I was not allowed to stay at the hospital, which was fair enough but neither could I go and spend the night at my mom dad’s place as I was supposed to quarantine myself and I did the same but in the hotel.

Things were taking turns and the need of the hour was going to my house but the house was waiting to be cleaned and sanitized before someone else enters after mom-dad was taken to the hospital.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t have anyone here, who could help me in these tough times and I can’t risk anyone else’s safety and pull out a rally to seek sanitization services with five others, right? But I had to finish the task by the end of the day otherwise delay in this would hinder all the upcoming demands of the situation.

I didn’t want to waste time contacting my friends asking for leads and luckily I didn’t have to do that. My stars aligned and I came across MyLA on the web. I booked myself a cleaning and sanitization service from MyLA and can’t tell you what a relief it was, never had I thought that I could arrange sanitization services in such a short duration.

They immediately served me and kept everything under control, carried their equipment, did not bother me for anything. The assistants came along with all the precautionary measures, instructed me about the chemicals that they would use, and advised me to isolate the house for some time so that the chemicals do not harm me and the surrounding, also made sure to clean up the mess before leaving.

They not only sanitized the waterproof surfaces but also the high-touch surfaces. The decision of relying on them for the services was the best part. They assisted me in a very professional manner and right after they left, I waited for some time as suggested by them, then I stepped into the house and the feeling was surreal.

I never thought ordering services online was so easy and feasible but now I would highly recommend you to try them out.

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