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Japanese, a language originated from East Asia, especially from Japan which is spoken by almost 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the language of the nation. Its derivation can be related to the Japonica language family, especially Korean language.

Reasons Why Japanese Language should be Learned

Career Scope

It would not be wrong to say that Japan is the     backbone of modern technology. Japan provides a wide spread of employment across the world. It’s often seen that Japanese try to make space with those who don’t speak and understand their languages, so learning Japanese language will give a proper career scope in Japanese companies and especially in Japan. Today, many companies are searching for Japanese language specialists in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities in India. One can find new Japanese openings in MNCs across India. When one studies, one does not only speak fluently but also gains an insider view of the culture.

Study in Japan

Japan is not only one of the best sources of employment but also for studies also. The OECD ranks the country’s High School students number one globally for maths and number 2 for scientific literacy. So, to have better Indo-Japanese relations governments of both the nations are working together to have students of one another in their nation. Having at least the basic information of this language will act as an elder brother in an unknown land.

Less Competition

As the information density of any language increases, the speaking speed decreases. The information density of the Japanese language is very high and that’s why it is a little bit difficult to learn this language and that is the reason why there is less competition in this language. Less competition provides more opportunity.

It has three alphabet systems- Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Unique Culture

Evolving over the last 2000 years, Japanese culture has gained many colors, uniqueness. If one tries to understand this culture, it can open one’s eyes to a different perspective of life. No discussion of Japan is complete without mention of its unique and delicious cuisine. One might find a new way to order one’s Sushi, Yakitori or Tempura. Ranging from simple, elegant, loveable to wild and loud, it’s too wide to understand it easily.

Benefits of Learning in Online Classes

Flexible Hours

If one misses live classes, can attend recorded lectures, which are as beneficial as live classes. It is beneficial for those who are committed to some other work at that time.

Improves Virtual Communication and Collaboration

Learning to work with others in a virtual environment can make you a more effective leader. One can develop leadership skills by utilizing specialized knowledge.

Refines Critical-thinking Skills

Online classes  facilitate the ability to think critically about what one does every day. Critical thinking plays an important role in any type of education and in any aspect of life.

New Technical Skills


Myla is one of the platforms to learn different languages. It provides all the above mentioned things. It takes care of the students especially while learning foreign languages. Tutors who teach at Myla are very efficient teachers with their specialised courses. Facts which are mentioned above depict the image of the importance of the French Language in the globalised world. Myla helps students in opening the window to peep in this diverse world.



For the newcomers Myla offers demo class free of cost of duration 45-60 minutes.


For the basic understanding of the Japanese language, Myla offers a class of 45-60 minutes at a very nominal cost of just Rs. 199.00. If you like the pattern of teaching from the tutors of Myla, you can subscribe to the monthly package of 20 classes at the cost of just Rs. 1,499.00.


After loving the package of beginner level you  can easily transfer yourself to elementary level which costs just Rs. 249.00 for one class and monthly package of just Rs. 1,999.00 for 20 classes of 45-60 minutes.


Once you will get a smooth understanding of this language, the Intermediate level of Japanese language should be subscribed by you for just Rs. 299.00 for single class and just Rs.2,299.00 for 20 classes in a month of 45-60 minutes


If you will see the quality of teaching, the cost of advanced level of Japanese language teaching will seem to be very less, which is just Rs. 399.00 for one class and Rs. 2,699.00 for 20 classes in a monthly package of 45-60 minutes.


If anything is started, it must be finished. Incomplete knowledge is very dangerous, so you should think about completing the learning of Japanese language at a very nominal cost of Rs. 499.00 for one class of 45-60 minutes.

Concluding the point, it can be said that if you register yourself as a student with Myla, you will not be disappointed. Myla provides the best quality of teaching at any subscription(based on the level of subscription). 

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