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Had a wonderful experience of having a Griha Pravesh Ceremony Virtually

As we shifted to our new home all we took was our old furniture, clothes, assets but along with it we took our old traditions and in our previous home which was not as big, we always had a small space dedicated to our lord Krishna but here by the grace of God we could make an entire temple for him. We believe that all this success couldn’t reach us if we didn’t have his blessings.

Earlier we were all into installing new furniture and getting done with the leftover work for the new house so we decided to bring god to the temple after some days. So before we started our new journey with him at our new place we wanted to thank him and be grateful for all that he showered us with.

We, being classical singers have always been all about the bhajan sandhya and prayers and we always have a holy environment at our place since we could not arrange the inauguration puja. We were eager for this puja. We couldn’t decide upon how we will arrange a pandit who can guide us on how to go about with the puja in an orderly and proper way since they know all the Vedas.

We had our pandit whom we used to call in the past but he was not available in the city so we did not know where to go. My brother and father suggested going for virtual pooja because of the current challenging scenario but it was difficult to find someone with the required equipment for the same. So we searched on the internet and discovered (a home services supermarket). They had a variety of services and there we found puja services. They had an option of virtual as well as physical puja services where they had mentioned the names of the pandits and the charge that they take. They were all experienced so we went for one of them.

I and my family were bewildered by how well our pooja went. We were so engrossed in the pooja conducted by him that we thought the pandit was present with us. Despite being pooja over the internet there was no problem with the communication. He guided us on every small step and we were shocked that he was so trained in his work. We knew about what all we needed for the pooja on our end but he also patiently waited for the time when we arranged the remaining. 

We had the best pooja and kirtan that we didn’t experience ever. Starting with the Abhishek of the Idol proceeding with Hawan, Matra Jaap, and then bhajan, we successfully established Krishna Ji’s Idol in the Mandir and it was a satisfying experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would say that you should not doubt online services and if you do, you must try out services. We have also called for a lot of other services after this AC servicing, and refrigerator repair services. I can confidently suggest you choose for making your life happier.

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