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The happiness of a Retired Army Person

Getting settled with my life partner after retirement in our own house is the best feeling for me. After working hard for years to take of the family, retirement is the time where the old couples get time for themselves. This is my opinion on retirement life. 

I’m Anand. I’m a retired army person. Being in the army for years, I got very little time to spend with my wife and children. I used to visit my home yearly twice. As I’m an army officer, I got transferred to many places. Along with me, I have to move my whole family. So, I and my wife decided to have our own house after retirement. Finally, we decided to settle in Indore. Even our children are married. And now only responsibility left for us build our own house and enjoy rest of the time with our children and grandchildren. 

So we decided to get our own house now. On a fine day, I and my wife sat together and decided on a plan for our house. As I was retired, I alone can’t take responsibility for this. Then my wife suggested searching for a house construction contractor. But then also I couldn’t figure out where to search or how to search for a construction contractor. I got a thought of searching online. My wife is a bit doubtful about online services that it may lead to any kind of fraud. So, I preferred some famous portals or websites. 

I was going through a lot of websites but I couldn’t find a proper contractor that matches our choice. Either the services are limited or the price demanded by them is too high. So, I thought to prefer offline services. Then every day I used to go outside and search for the best construction contractor. I found some contractors near my place. Then I took them to the land I bought. Some suggested only a few plans for our home and some were like this is a huge area so the price to construct is very high. 

I was very disappointed and sitting idle thinking how to do. On one fine weekend, our children came home. Then I told them how hard I have searched for a professional house construction contractor. So, all of us are thinking about how to find the best construction contractor? While searching, my younger son suggested me a website that is

We have gone through the website and I was amazed that they are providing various services not only construction contractor services. I found home repairs, sanitization services, and also professional services. So, I have searched for a contractor to construct our house. Then I booked a contractor. The next day he came to me and visited our land. He has shown us some designs and plans according to our land. We are completely impressed with his plans. We have selected some plans and finalized one among them. And the construction has started. Every material used by the contractor is of very good quality. As the days are passing on, we are eager to see the result. And finally, the day has come and our land turned into a beautiful house with a lawn, a garden and, also a pool. 

This is all happened because of the construction contractor that provided me. Finally, I’m very thankful to for providing me the best house construction contractor. He provided the best construction services that too for a worthy price.

Thank you! 

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